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Why do you ride bikes?

Mainly to get outside! I love mountain biking for the buzz and the banter and gravel for the places you can go and the sights you can see on a bike a bit more spritely than a MTB.

How long have you been riding for and what made you start?

I started riding about 14 years ago. I used to play rugby but injury and subsequent surgery forced me into early retirement from that so mountain biking seemed a good alternative for getting muddy

How long have you been a mountain bike leader?

I think that’s been 7 years now. My son was a member of Tay Titans and I used to go and ride my bike while he was there but occasionally I’d be asked to help out as a parent helper which I enjoyed, then Caroline suggested I do my MBL2, the rest is history! 

Why did you decide to become a leader and coach?

I’m not a fully fledged British Cycling coach but I do have my GoMTB coaching qualification which to me is a bolt on to the leadership quals so it basically gives me backing for teaching people things that aren’t part of the leadership remit. I always wanted to share knowledge from coaching I’d received myself as well as from general riding/racing experience but felt tentative as that wasn’t part of the leadership remit whereas with the coaching qualification I feel I can share more of my random tips and tricks with people (big fat horse anyone!?)

According to British Cycling, only 20% of cycling coaches are female. Why do you think this is and how can we help to achieve gender parity in outdoor leadership?

I think creating an environment such as Divas where women can feel comfortable and essentially brave enough to think “hell yes, I can do that” is a big step forward. It’s like any male dominated environment, many women can feel that their skill level/fitness/capability isn’t good enough to keep up with the boys on these sort of courses and providing an environment where they can prove that they are more than able is fantastic.

What's been your biggest achievement or challenge so far?

I’m not a big achiever, that’s a lot of hassle and organisation however getting on the podium at any race is always amazing but the best had to be winning the day race of the Muckmedden Falkirk Funduro and sharing the podium with chums Caroline and Liz (biggest regret was getting on the podium for Fair City Enduro but not realising and changing out of my banana costume beforehand, podium as a banana would have been decent ). Recent achievement had to be last years Ride to the Sun (100 miles overnight, Carlisle to Crammond) with Rosie…. on gravel bikes (best choice considering the state of the roads I’d say!)

Any big plans/challenges/adventures for 2024?

Nothing major, Dirt Divas of course and then a few trips as a support guide for Rosie on her guided gravel rides/bike packing adventures. I also keep swithering over doing Ride to the Sun again but then quickly change my mind! Mainly just ride more!!!

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