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General information

Accessing the Festival Site

The festival begins at 4pm on Friday 7th October, when everyone can start entering the festival site, village, and campsite.

We are not offering parking on site, there is the Riverside Car Park (Aberfoyle, Stirling FK8 3UG). Instead we will have a bag drop at the entrance to Dounans Centre (Aberfoyle, Stirling FK8 3UT), plus plenty of signage to get to where you need to be.

Cancellation Policy
If for any reason you are unable to attend the festival, please get in contact with us. If it’s over a month before the festival you will get a full refund (minus Eventbrite fees), however if it’s after Friday 9th September we can only offer 50% of the ticket value (minus Eventbrite fees).


We anticipate there will be some wind and rain, but hope for some sunshine over the weekend, please bring clothing for all occasions. There are free showers on site, and we have limited drying room space for wet clothes. 
In the event of extreme weather conditions we may have to change the schedule or remove some rides, this information will be displayed in the event village and emailed out if this occurs 

Are there any age restrictions?

Children under 13 are free to come to the festival, but will be unable to take part in the sessions. 13 and over are full price, and can take part in everything (under 16s must have an adult with them).

Disabled Access and Disability

We want to be as inclusive as possible at this festival, but are aware that not all of the sessions will be able to be attended by everyone. With that in mind, we are working on  being able to offer guided rides suitable for handcyclists. Please get in touch for more information.


There is camping from the Friday till Sunday, while we understand that everyone enjoys their home comforts when camping, we ask you to be considerate of the number of people coming to this event, and maybe not bring your 8 person tent if you’re camping on your own.

Campervan spaces

We have limited space and limited tickets. Campervans must be under 6m in length.  Once their sold out you could always try Cobleland Campsite as its just along the road.

Alternative Accommodation
At Dirt Divas, we understand that dorms or camping may not be your style. Aberfoyle offers a variety of places to stay. So if you're after something more comfortable or luxurious there's plenty of options only a short cycle away.


E-bikers are more than welcome to join us and there will be a place to charge your bike during the festival.

Travelling to Aberfoyle

As with any small festival we are stretched, and are unable to offer anything beyond the local parking facilities. The nearest train station is Stirling, so we are advising those who are unable to travel by car to pop a post on our facebook page and carshare.

Flying Solo

If you're new to the sport, or just coming by yourself, and feel like you may not know anyone, never fear! We will have a buddy system throughout the weekend. At registration let us know and our friendly team will point you in the direction of other solo flyers.  We also encourage you to use the social media platforms to reach out to others

Types of Trails

Aberfoyle is an area with natural trails, so while they are marked as blue, red, or black, they may be more techy than you're expecting. When signing up for coaching sessions or guided rides, please speak to the coaches and volunteers and they will be able to help you pick the best session for you.


We are politely asking that BBQs of any kind are not brought to the campsite, we are offering food outlets from the local community, and would kindly appreciate these facilities being used.


Weather permitting (it is October in Scotland after all!) we are delighted to offer not one, but two fire pits, which will be great for an evening bevvy or two and some chats about the days ride.


#HeroesBuyBeeros….it’s a hashtag we’re stealing from other independent festivals and events, and it’s something we believe in. That said, we welcome a little tipple, but do ask if you can to put some money behind the bar

Showers and Toilets

The facilities at Dounans are exactly what we need for a weekend of mtb and gravel rides, there’s a shower and toilet block, easily accessible near the festival village.

Bike hire and demo bikes

There will be a selection of bikes for hire at an additional cost and a range of demo bikes

Men’s Creche and Activities

The man-folk will be able to attend the talks, and music, but all the guided rides organised by us are for women only. We will have additional options on the weekend for pay as you go guides, and social rides will be organised for all the riders. Also, as with anyone attending, we keenly invite you to explore the trails on your own.


We are so lucky to use the Dounans site so please do not litter.

Can I bring glass onto the site?

Please do not bring any glass on site, we would like to leave the area as we find it

I would like to trade at the festival, how do I apply?

Perfect, we would love for you to trade on site, but please contact us at and we will work together

Can I bring my pets?

Well behaved dogs are welcome so long as you clean up after them and they are kept on a lead.  They cannot be inside or at any sessions.

What ID do I need to bring with me?

The only time we will be checking ID is for those of us lucky enough to look under 25yrs old #Challenge25

Safety and Security
This years festival is support by Total Control Security. They will be offering us aid throughout the evenings of the festival to make sure the bikes are safe and sound.

Police Scotland will be aware of the event happening, but we believe that a security presence shouldn’t be needed. That said, there will be staff and volunteers throughout the festival site, please do not hesitate to speak to someone if you feel the need too.

Payment Methods

At the festival we will have multiple ways for you to be able to purchase food, merchandise, and items from the bar. We have a card reader (all major debit/visa cards), as well as QR codes (which uses Apple Pay or Google Pay), we won't be a cashless festival either, so plenty of options.

Phone Charging

There will be a dedicated area in the festival village where attendees will be able to sit in and charge up their phones

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